90% of our work is done outside Jackson County, OR. Potential areas of work:

  • Lakeview, OR and surrounding areas
  • Alturas, CA and surrounding areas
  • Washoe County, NV
  • Burns, OR and surrounding areas

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DL Reforestation is constantly developing our seasonal worker staff. Our next season in reforestation, juniper lopping and hand piling begins in April of 2019. Please feel free to send us an email expressing your interest and we will get back to you with our interviewing process, job description and potential earnings range for temporary forestry workers. 

Shop Address: 

6626 Table Rock Central Point, OR 97502 U.S.

Tel. (541) 879-0199 Fax. (541) 826-6715

3067 Ingalls Rd. White City OR 97503 U.S.

Tel. (541) 879-0199 Fax. (541) 826-6715